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What is The Platinum Circle?

The Platinum Circle is an exceptional, intimate brain trust of extraordinary people who are committed to personal and professional achievement and to giving back. Platinum Circle was created to acknowledge and recognize our top doctors in the Fortune Management program. It is an exclusive opportunity for our doctors who are committed to living life at a level few ever attain. It serves as an amazing networking, masterminding and most importantly a giving-back opportunity for all who are involved.

The Platinum Circle group meets once or twice per year depending on the desires of the membership. These meetings take place in world-class facilities, and are not limited to the continental United States. These exciting events give each participant an opportunity to travel the world, while exchanging ideas with some of the brightest and most dynamic minds in healthcare.

As part of its commitment to give back, the Platinum Circle has established The Platinum Foundation. The Platinum Foundation has adopted numerous charitable endeavors and its principal charitable endeavor is to provide oral healthcare in under-served parts of the world. The Foundation's ongoing endeavor sends dental professionals to Ecuador to provide dentistry to indigent persons who cannot otherwise afford it. The Platinum Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and welcomes your donations to help it continue its charitable purposes. Please email karinmartinez@fortunemgmt.com for more information.

The Platinum Circle Vision:

Our circle of platinum, a select Fortune Management think tank, is committed to progressive, socially responsible ideals for the betterment of evolving professionals, as well as humanity.

We are committed to drawing strength from our collective efforts while maintaining an attitude of fun and invention.

Through constant and never ending improvement, our quest is aimed at extraordinary contributions to the people we serve and humanity as a whole, building a legacy exemplifying Fortune’s transformational spirit of discovering love, joy and meaning in our lives.

Why platinum? Platinum is an elite metal forged with strength and a vision for beauty.
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